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Knights of Veritas Knights of Veritas Knights of Veritas Knights of Veritas
Knights of Veritas
Knights of Veritas

Knights of Veritas strives to provide the highest quality educational presentations on historical arms, armour, culture and knighthood for schools, libraries and educational partners of all kinds throughout the Pacific Northwest.

While our STREAM (Science/Technology/Reading/Engineering/Arts/Math) content is front-and-center in many of our programs, no presentation about the medieval knight can be complete without discussing the Code of Chivalry, the rules that knights strove to live by.

It is not the sword, the armour or the horse that defines what it means to be a Knight in this day and age. It is the character of the individual. By practicing the Code of Chivalry, we can all be Knights on a quest to connect to that which is noble within each of us, bettering ourselves and the lives of others.

The following Code of Chivalry can be applied as a model for all lords and ladies who would choose to be Knights! To download and print off your own copy of the Code of Chivalry, click here!

A knight must...

Knights of Veritas have the Courage to stand up for what they believe is right.
Knights of Veritas show Courtesy to all, high and low, in all places, at all times.
Knights of Veritas develop their personal Prowess, that they may be ready to defend what they believe in.
Knights of Veritas view their deeds with Humility, always giving credit to those around them first, and entrusting their own renown to the words of others.
Knights of Veritas strive for Justice, defending the innocent and the values of truth and nobility, and placing others' interests before their own with a merciful heart.
Knights of Veritas have Faith in their ideals and not surrender to the misdeeds of others.
Knights of Veritas demonstrate Loyalty to others, keeping those close to them and their interests safe.
Knights of Veritas bestow Generosity within their means, through their goods, their time, and their spirit.
Knights of Veritas embrace Honor by conducting themselves in a noble, knightly manner at all times and leading by example.
Knights of Veritas
Knights of Veritas Knights of Veritas